Thursday, December 08, 2011 - EISZ

The usual annual members’ meeting of Electronic Information Service National Program (abbreviated EIS), connected with the festive conference, and was held in Kossuth Club (7 Múzeum Street, Budapest H-1088) on December 2, 2011.

The festive professional conference titled ‘EIS is Ten Years Old’ was opened by Sándor Kerékgyártó the Managing Director of Educatio Public Services Non-profit LLC. In his address he emphasized that operating EIS is beneficial not only for higher education, but it provides basic conditions for the research hospitals and the background institutes of ministries in performing their tasks. Then Dr. Viktor Szantner the Private Secretary of the State Secretary to Education of the Ministry of National Resources gave an address. The first part of the program was finished with addresses of foreign experts: Dr. Paul Ayres (Director of UCL Library Services & UCL Copyright Officer; President of LIBER); Emilija Banionyté (Lithuanian Research Library Consortium, President; Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Library Director); Vojislav Milovanovic (Thomson Reuters Account Manager); Enikő Tóth Szász (Thomson Reuters Customer Education Specialist); Sabine Teichert (EBSCO Sales Manager); and Endre Béky (Elsevier B.V. Country Manager) shared their ideas with the participants. After lunch break, the annual members’ meeting was held where 86 members of 65 institutes participated. The ones entitled to vote (54 institutes) accepted the agenda items with 1 abstention and 0 rejections.

At the members’ meeting addresses were given by Győző Czékmány Program Manager of TÁMOP 4.2.5, Educatio Public Services Non-profit LLC; Dr. Károly Kokas, Representative of EIS Committee; Szilárd Markója Leader of EIS Office and Library; Dr. Márta Virágos Acting Chairman, EIS Committee.

The present members entitled to voting accepted the annual report of the Committee with 2 abstentions and 0 rejection.

The voting on the form of consortium, leadership, and joint federation was accepted with 0 abstention and 0 rejection by the members. There was no proposal for revision. The two new candidate members were unanimously accepted. There was no voting on the composition of the EIS Committee because of the emerging questions of financing.

The voting on the representation of the consortium, according to which Educatio Public Services Non-profit LLC is the leader of the consortium and act as such in 2012, was accepted by the members with 0 rejection and 2 abstentions.

The members could put their questions to the ones present in person at the end of the members’ meeting.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010
Thursday, December 08, 2011

We celebrated the 10th anniversary of Electronic Information Service with the participation of international guest speakers.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It is not necessary for the present to register and enter on the new portal in order to access the data bases.

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