Tuesday, March 03, 2009 - EISZ

We have the pleasure to inform you hereby that consortium members with Web of Science access are offered a free trial to some databases of Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledgeuntil April 10, 2009.

These databases can be found and browsed on the same site as Web of Science. Normally we can search in all databases at the same time after entering. If we want to search only in one of them, e.g. we want to use special features of one database (e.g. in case of WoS: citation report, cited reference search, author finder), then we can choose the necessary database in the select database tab, or in the case of WoS we can choose directly its tab.

Databases that can be tried until April 10 are:

1. BIOSIS Previews® (from 1969 - present)

Research in life sciences, medical biology; pre-clinical and experimental research, methodology, measurements, animal experiments; and a lot more data can be searched in this database. It contains records from journals, patents, books, and conference and meetings proceedings. It offers accurate search possibilities, MesH terminology, and CAS registration numbers.

2. CABI: CAB Abstracts® and Global Health® (from 1973 - present)

It is the database of Centre of Agriculture and Biosciences International (CABI). It follows new contents in agronomics, veterinary medicine and connected biological, economic, commercial and legal topics. The contents from 1973 are digitised. The number of records is more than 4 million; 160 thousand new titles are added annually. The service contains the full contents of Index Veterinarius, Veterinary Bulletin and the contents of the other abstracting journals of CABI. It indexes patents, national journals in non-worldwide languages, reports and the so called grey literature, if they have English abstract.

3. Food Science and Technology Abstracts™ (from 1969 - present)

FSTA indexes in 40 languages around 1800 publications, journals, standards, rules and regulations, patents, books, theses and conference proceedings in the fields of food science and nutrition. More than 10 per cent of the records inform about patents, 99 per cent of the records contain an English abstract. Topics of agronomics, veterinary science or animal husbandry are considered only if they are in connection with the quality of food. Such topics are: the pesticides, veterinary pharmaceutics as residues; conditions of slaughtering of animals as factors influencing the quality of meet; the effect of animal diseases on the consumption of milk, egg and meet. It appears both online and on paper. The number of records is 550 thousand, 20 thousand new titles added annually.

4. Zoological Record® (from 1978 - present)

Zoological Record is the oldest continuous database in the world in the field of animal biology. It is considered the world’s leading reference site in taxonomy, the non-official register of animal names since 1864. Its topics include all territories of animal biology, from description of locations to taxonomy and veterinary sciences.

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